Unique. Rare.

Enhance the beauty and value of any project, large or small, with Blue Hesper Palm Trees. The palms are beautiful enough to be planted as single specimens, but they truly excel as a loud accent in a mass of vegetation. The icy blue starburst leaves offer a stunning, unexpected display of unique color.


in Bloom

When the Blue Hesper Palm Trees are in bloom each inflorescence grows from among the leaves and becomes a long, arching panicle of cream-colored flowers. The image on the left shows a blue palm developing its bloom.



Large Quantities Available

We have more than 25 acres of Blue Hesper Palm Trees, with 5′-12′ of trunk, ready for transplant.


Ideal for Xeriscaping

Blue Hesper Palm Trees (brahea armata) grow slowly to 50 feet tall, with trunks up to 18 inches in diameter. The palms are drought tolerant, and adaptable to zones 8b through 11.